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THE BIG BANG THEORY read out loud
the Big Bang Theory
is simply the embryo
to the sperm
the collision creating the great divide
the change of a simple chemical makeup
the flux that which is in each of us

we look to the planets and the stars
we see galaxies and universes
but we cannot see them as whole

we divided and we conquered our make up
our composition to an extent
but we still haven't unraveled
that mysterious convoluted conclusion
of our parameter into the space, we fulfill

we are just a part of a greater whole
that makes up another being

to say I have a spleen
that bleeds uncontrollably when it is cut
is that not unsimilar to a hole in a star
what within us is that dark comparison
that consumes and regenerates that which it has destroyed
how many light years are we built of?
in our veins travelers from another galaxy and time move

we are just beings within beings
we are bang upon bang
we are the banged
we are the frame
of the universe within us
we are a planet
a component
just as a spleen of the heart is a star
with its electrical energy
powering the rest of our cells
for without it
we would not have the pump
to fill
feed the rest of our galaxies
inside of us are black holes, burned out stars, asteroids, icebergs
and dead space
time changes when you live within yourself
it stands still
as reflection passes and you become aware
others or the clock on the shelf tell you
you were gone much longer than a blink

for daydreaming
can be an escape
into the void
of crossing over
into that being
within us
the travel of soul
the umbilical cord
that links us
our selves and that which is within
and without of our perception

I bathe in the light
that I am not alone
that I have million no billions
an infinite amount
of creations above and beyond my physical existence

and I too shall share
the knowledge
with those who seek me
from inside my being
that I hear them
just as my God and all his friends
voices that have lingered through his said ears
have traveled through his body to share their introspects
of outside realms and dimensions
so that I may feel my life is worth living
so his/her/its life can go on

my life has a greater purpose
it is to keep me around circling in this feed of acceptance
existence is dependent upon acceptance and love for the greater good of humanity and the enrichment of the lives we cannot see and those that hold us in their hands and heart 
just by simply being me
as a piece of the global local cosmos