Heart Landings

a need for a positive outlook

I fall into the incline
The positive post of indrawn
Whenever I go into the negative side
I like to go with the worst-case scenario
And there it grows and grows into the most ridiculous thing imaginable
That I laugh
And realize that everything is living
Not in the science of breath
But in heart
Beats of atoms stored in molecules
Built in such a way that I may write and communicate with other breathing life forms
That includes trees and flowers
Via the way feed and shelter them
But I digress
All matter is living energy
Dark matter aside in its complexity of incongruent transformational possibilities
But everything else that we see feel touch is alive
Most of which is slow moving
So much slower than us
That we are seen as a distant asteroid hurling itself towards the earth
But once you acknowledge that all things are living
You descend into the positive world of transformation of energy
Not into de cycling
Of a life form
That which is destroyed cannot be restored
And if you are ever going to change a mindset of an anatomy
You must recycle what is already there
Into prehistoric logic and bring it back via a new pathway
So that it may keep its energy and continue forth unscathed but full of vigor for true population of the earth and resuscitation  
Of its original inhabitants
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