those which are heavenly sent,
and when I do not walk alone 
Off Limits

if everything is off limits
the world is endless
no boundaries to tether me here
or there
i am free to explore

free is such a confining world
for freedom should not have to be given
exploration of the talents of all beings
and creatures
all planets, and distant stars
should be granted with free will
so, if free has no need for granting
the question comes down to what will is

is it the courage to strive for your very best
or is it to see how much you can fail
if failure is a series of setbacks
is that what it takes to see what is behind all task granted

so is it our eyes or our hands that fail to grasp and hold things in view
is it the heart or the mind that causes us to succeed
where is the mesmerization of text withheld

if i came to you with palms open 
would you place yours on top of mine
or underneath
i want to help you carry your love
so underneath
i would hold the cupped hands 
that feed the soldiers
the call to your reveille
you are my warmth
 and salvation is yours 

i call out your name with words unspoken
i call out your name without syllable or sound
i call out your name with nothing more than soul
i call out your name and you answered me

thank you
for your blessing of spirit and mind
thank you for your blessing to all mankind
thank you for your forgiveness to that which is known
thank you for giving me hope of resurrection 
but not revealing the time of its inception
In My Hands
in my hands I carried loaves and fishes
to feed the masses
you said "That is not enough"
you lifted my palms up to the heavens
to increase the load
not the burden
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