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OPENING CEREMONY Tuesday, March 8,2022 - Grateful that my words were not lost in the electronic crash, I am opening up for public viewing of my private thoughts, I make plenty of mistake's typos and misspellings as I type what comes to me rather quickly, when I read back, I see what I heard. The minds recording fills in the broken spaces, sometimes I will come back to readjust, but I am far from perfect and my writings etc. shall reflect that. 
Welcome to all that enter here, may you be perplexed confused and occasionally find solitude.
Sincerely, Simply A, Just A.... place where I am Revolving to Evolve
after opening this site, I kept logging in to see if I had any views, new readers, believing that the views that I saw were from the few friends that I texted. To my surprise, the notifications and stats tell me people I don't even know have viewed my work. I thank you all. I still am perplexed how anyone found me, as I am one who is a bit clueless to how this all works. I have been known to go for months (maybe a year or so) without checking my email. Today is March 10, 2022, and I feel that I'm breathing across the world. It's an amazing feeling, Thank you again.

When I started this journey almost a year ago, I never imagined that I would not have taken that first step into becoming viable to being witnessed by the outside world. I have aged a lot this year and yet I have become stagnant. So much has changed while my physical surroundings have remained the same.

I am not the same person physically or mentally, but the shoes I wear are the same.

I have to relearn all that I incorporated into my mind on how to write and communicate in this space, so if you are new to this page , just know I am new to here too. It has been open to me but I have not had the time to walk the path, and I have lost all the direction.

The image above has steps, some are broken and I can deal with those. But at this moment, in my time, they are all slippery. I do not internalize which way is up or down, north, south, east or west.

p.s. i like the lowercase i, instead of I, as i have a lot of growing to do.

February 10, 2022

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