awed by nature

I find myself intrigued by the mysterious beauty of the natural world. Cradled in the womb of love and understanding. Held within the hand of grace I am…

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I am now

I am now complete I find solitude in being alone I find harmony in being in the company of others I find joy in the expression of accomplishment…

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stand bye

for diversity the university of self the self-creating recreating replicating images of cells of being human my existence primarily depends on life or death the mortality of being…

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when i write

when i write i write with my right hand and think with my left motioning silently in an incongruent sign language sometimes not so silently tapping or thumping…

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waffle toes

waffle toes i knows the words baffle me it’s absurd to think i would right prose about waffle toes i jest i protest but the view is totally…

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express myself

learning how to pump myself with information flowing freely and unyielding Without bursting at the seams Being ripped from my cognitive state I succumb to the state of…

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