it’s back, repairs from a concussion

It’s back And this time I was happy The illusions of the dark Where there is light When I open my eyes And peer into the fishbowl Of the blanketed world Under my covers I made a diving mask around my eyes With my hands And dipped my face Into the illuminated world Of aContinue reading “it’s back, repairs from a concussion”

transistor radio

Listening to songs of old The songs of past Time holding that transistor Radio in hand Before the day of headphones Sharing that monotone vision Making where you stood The best receptacle To the land You felt freedom You felt hope I felt joy In all that you spoke With one little song The worldContinue reading “transistor radio”

conversing with angels’ (when you see me)

When you see me I am not coming for you I am coming to you Think of me as an acquaintance That you haven’t seen for some time And how it is reassuring to know that they are still here on earth You do not ambush them with questions You acknowledge their presence graciously WeContinue reading “conversing with angels’ (when you see me)”

conversing with angels’

I have found you in my heart I kiss the lips we share I stir the emotions tender I cross the paths you bear with obstacles So that you may listen For guidance To the path of devotion there are many tribulations I am a guide But not your weakness I cannot force you toContinue reading “conversing with angels’”