Imagine I’m your hero

imagine I'm your hero
in conquering all this madness
in your life
but for what is mad
 is you
you are the turmoil 
the world
your world revolves around

the world is actually in a constant state of flux
good bad light dark evil and rescue attempts at lassoing light forces
but none of them can be lassoed held for too long
so why are you trying to do so
why are you trying to be stable
scream a little scream
sigh a little sigh
and yelp
a little cry
and get on with you life
your life isn't for others to choose
though they do
for the greater good of society
they say
but you are malleable
a piece of sculpture who is allowed to change her posture
stature and stance
wobble if you want to
it is better than walking on tippy toes
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