Where art thou

Simply a Just a place to relax and hold dear to what makes me human without existence For Art has its own purity declaratory in nature, being undenominational I am simply a, just a work of Art

3 colors

roygbiv ryb my hair is going white and so, upon my apparel write in the eventful colors of light that I am all things you cannot see for refraction occurs inside of me and I am growing old the stories written within me are being told upon my skin and my scalp, the adventures haveContinue reading “3 colors”


coming around full circle going primary to the days of my youth my start when all was so simple in its complexities and I was taught to enjoy the primary days the primary colors of life the simple bits from which all is made and from there I could diversify my being

I’m alone

I’m alone So alone Alone Alone Alone As I drift off to sleep Black is the void I see No stars no halos to guide me Just darkness compelling me deep deep sleep