random thoughts


I lost the argument with my newfound friend
I said I wanted to be a he
and she said I was a she
so we settled on becoming we

we are a wee bit taken
with our new found romance
my fingers can't help grasping
whenever they get a chance

I pull them apart so often
my fingers are getting long
allowing me to grasp and hold onto more of me
encircling myself in an embrace
we hugged so long 
we fell asleep
and what a wonderous dream it was
all my selves
had selves of their own 
it was one big family of me

so now I know
I am more than she
more than he
one gigantic

I am an artist
I am a poet
I am a writer
I am an architect
I am a dancer
I am an irrefutable debater
I am multiples of me

so when you say what will you do with your life
I go silent for I have to confer
for which of me will present an answer 
for you all can't agree
About Me
i am who i am right now, i am not the am i will be tomorrow, and the am that i was yesterday has melted away, and reassembled in to the am i am moments ago
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