Flash Flood Warning

it is one of those rains that makes your hair stand on end,
and the cats start talking of how their lives were nearly spent
for they were outside when the boom of day made them wet

My heart has had those moments too
when something was about to explode
the impending of words to be told
the cloud of doom
but unscathed did I appear
to the innocent looks of my cats
but the heart they felt 
and they crawled upon my lap
to sooth me with the purrs of sound
when words could not convey what was meant
the day that someone to heaven was sent

that day they didn't mind getting wet
with the flood of tears, I spent
holding onto a memory
never wanting to let go
I clutched them hard
and said some prayers
to the heavens sent
my fond adieu
and I love you

and may my heart be content
with the telltale sign
that you're no further than my front door

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