I want to be loved

I want to be loved
I want to be loved by another
I love myself that is something I ought to
but I want the love not that of a sister or brother
I want the love from other than kin
I want the love that comes from within
when you have nothing but to explore
what makes one unique and endured
with the kind of eccentrics that do not make you stick out in a crowd
the kind of properties than do not speak out loud
the ones where you get close 
and really have to listen

listen hard 
so hard that memories are created
so hard they can be resuscitated
so hard when discarded they leave a scar

so hard you remember who we are
when the nights have no more dawns
and we are unable to link arm to arm
but our spirits will travel in pair
until we are charted off to who knows where

March 2022
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