I am pleased
You are so willing to share your madness
So, others may see the light
That has fallen behind you
Wandering about
The orbit of darkness
There is a light
Where you refuse to turn
Turn if you must
But this empty shell will be broken
I feel now that it falls upon your face
You shudder gently in its presence
You do not need to see
To sense
Darkness and light
Are intertwined
Is this matter of energy
The flux they generate
Keeps you growing spiritually
Eventually you will not have the need of me
But I will be on guard
Listening for your words of companionship
You have been here
All this time
Feeding me
When I grew restless
So how could I
Venture without you
By my side
You are my traveling companion
My expressway into the unknown
If I was not to carry you with me
I would be alone
In my thoughts
You are a part of me
A piece I am willing to share
But no matter how distant we seek
I will always have you there
I am who I am
You are who I think you are
You are the me I will come to be
Someday in time
We will look back
On this paradox of trade
And smile
As I am now

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