it’s back, repairs from a concussion

It’s back
And this time
I was happy
The illusions of the dark
Where there is light
When I open my eyes
And peer into the fishbowl
Of the blanketed world
Under my covers
I made a diving mask around my eyes
With my hands
And dipped my face
Into the illuminated world
Of a 2-dimensional fishpond
I could not tell what size
For the depth changed
But I could see
Another form's shadowing peering from the other side
We waved
Somehow the imaged managed to swim through my field of view
To observe study, me
From a close distance
I want to say it was a face
But there were no identifiable features
Just layers of fleshy skin folds in a rose flower swirl
Perhaps it was a creature trying to taste my essence
I do not know
But I understand now
I do not Daydream
I am just sitting with my face at the edge of a pond
Watching another dimensional world go by
And it keeps me sighing
I’m alive
And so are you
I see and feel you
More than I feel myself
For I am just floating
At the end of your world
With my toes in the sands of time

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