Why are there so many things to love

Why are there
So many things to love
The way the leaves slip off the awning
The dappling of sun and lichen on the fence
The scent of earth in the air
The water of moonlight
The gestures of the birds with their song
The graciousness of the grass beneath my feet
The crimping of the worm as he walks
The scrolling of bark
The echoes of the wind caressing my face
The touch of cool and warm between shadow and light
The indifference to my being there and the gentle reminder I am
The color of copper, orange and gold
The hues of daylight and night
The patches of greens and blues
The indigos, magentas, and violets
The naming and the unknown
The explorations and risks
The future, present and past
And so much more
And then there is
My you
Simply being
giving me reason to feel alive
when I awake
seeing you
hearing you
touching me into living

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