conversing with angels’ (when you see me)

When you see me
I am not coming for you
I am coming to you
Think of me as an acquaintance
That you haven’t seen for some time
And how it is reassuring to know that they are still here on earth
You do not ambush them with questions
You acknowledge their presence graciously
We all need to get out of the house and survey our grounds
I love you
As I love all my children
Do not be frightened when you see me walking with them in tow
The fact that you now can see
Does not have any greater meaning
Then now you can see
We have always been there
You have walked through us on many an occasion
It's just you have awoken
Everyone has the ability to awaken at some point
Most prefer to go back to sleep
The important thing is to listen
For we have no mouths by which to speak
There is no universal sign language
You have pursued me
Like a dog in heat
Asking for things I cannot deny you
But I cannot offer them to you at this time
For you are not ready to be given
The knowledge you seek
The consommé of your soup
Is not prepared for the topping
You have not risen
To the rim of the pot
You simple are not ready
It does not mean I do not love you
Just you are not ready
Then why have you stirred the pot
Why haven’t you left me to simmer
Why have you brought me to a tepid boil?
Why have you shown an interest in my pot?
I stir all pots
Some sediment rises
As yours has
And you felt it
You sensed the uneasiness
And asked me why
Where is the logic
In this dual citizenship
Heaven and earth
It’s not a duality
It is much more than that
You are a citizen of a galaxy
And beyond
Beyond the rolling hills of earth
The depth of the oceans
Are merely phantoms
Of your mind
You cannot grasp the vastness
Of the land you walk upon
So how can you expect to grasp the universe
And its place in time
At this moment
There are so many moments replicating themselves
Over and over
Our minds span
Universes rise and fall
Sleeping dark holes grab your attention
Without even speaking
If you keep looking for what you cannot see
How can you see what you are not searching for?
It has been presented to you in a time loop
A mysterious mechanism of chi-in-ism
But the emptiness filled with a void upon void
Is a Cosmographically unexplained concept at this point
In your time
You will see worlds tumble
Stars collide
All with a telescope
But your telescope
Cannot see into that which does not light up
When you learn to see with the darkness in the forefront
Then you will have passed into the great divide
And you will have that aha moment
But you will be on the other side
You will want to come knocking
Breaking barriers on earth
You will have that Tesla moment
But fail to exhibit the one principality
Of crossing that great divide between time zones
Of physics

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