I am a child
Rocked and cradled in your arms I grew
In your arms of abundance, I flourish
I am a willful woman
Who stills her heart to please you
I have seen
And I have longed
For days of wisdom
Beyond my years
But seeing them
Through a child’s eyes
Is not to be
You have cherished me
With a plethora of childhood memories
But my dreams were quieted
I am sensing a vision now
That prosperity and wisdom
Are close at hand
But I have to choose
To live in the world
Of the living
My childhood friends
Call to me
Playing joyfully
Saying it is time
To rewind
The hands of time
And release
What has kept me bound
To you
I am ever so grateful
For the bounty you have shared
I will listen and heed your words
Of wisdom
In seeking a new direction
To my life
I am free of bondage
These self ropes
I have twined
You are my savior
My seek of truth
To what has kept me down
I will no longer crawl in shame
I hold my head
And hand up high
Lifting my voice to the sky
You will no longer
Have to bend a ear
For my fears are nigh
Blessed be
Those who seek you
In the name of truth and wisdom

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