when disagreements arise

I attest to thee
I rest within these walls of hope
and disagreement
I am amble in my mistakes of amplifying fortitude
I am gracious in my waking hours and long for the depths of wisdom
of the ages I have walked before you were in my eye of existence

you are grave in thought and hope beyond what is possible to escape without billowing sails of intellect
circumstances for long penetrate the flesh
the soul resides lingering above
tethered on a shoo string
but we relent in the possibilities of the ageless
the unseen forces of a bygone day
yourself respect is not lost upon the sea of neglect
your dignity can be restored
you will once again walk among the angels
at your side are those who long to defeat you
demons are within your grasp and belonging is within them too
how can we retrospect what has been implied when we mix the two
heaven and hell once were one before the great divide
and then there was the bang 
that shook all that was inside the fury 
of independence
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