why must i wait any longer

to myself i must behave
badly of late it seems.
for i have quelled to speech
the right to write what is inside of me
until the brew of insanity mixed within my tea
there is only one of mend
the first batch of the day
as morning had long broken the sky was papaya and pineapple
and as i read the morning mail and lingered upon uneventful news.
the flask had become low in its remains the greens shouted out at me
and so into the blender went watercress and the rind of lime.
next the stomach chirped i want more than brew.
so out came the skillet mushrooms and broccoli too.
zucchini, radish, and garlic
Shanghai Bok choy and tomato sauce finished the stew.
Topped off with white of rice strewn and mixed
it was time for the complementary tea to fix
lavender and rose petals to calm the redundant garlic
now out to the garden I must go to sow something more than my being

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