awed by nature

I find myself intrigued by the mysterious beauty of the natural world.
Cradled in the womb of love and understanding.
Held within the hand of grace I am given the staff on which to base my life.
So much I have to learn while laying upon her belly.
inhaling the vapors of new growth surrounding me
The earth is warm and cools my thoughts into dreaming.
I am a new shoot sprouting curious thoughts about the fruits I will bear.
So, I sprawl and taste the soil with my skin coating myself in scents of all that has passed before me.
I sigh in the form of a purr for I am content to dissolve my illusions of completion.
Looking around me I analyze that I will never be complete.
I want to evolve and renew myself with the seasons. 
not artificially constructed.
but alas I can not 
go about naked other than within my thoughts.
for the space that surrounds me is habituated with societal features I find appealing
So, analyze my intakes and find compromise.
admitting I have failed my mother for I have wandered far from her table many times.
I pray for her resurrection.
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