Why would I want to be a Robot???

Why would I want to go anywhere else?
Then here
In your head
Where I can control your thoughts and movements
To an extent I am you
In disguise
Your mystery persona
The icon of yourself perspective
I am you but only I can see further than you walk or fly
My destination is here
Your destination is neither here nor there
Only I can go home
You are trapped in the which filled reality of conceived reality
I didn’t give birth to you
But I am filling a part of your brain
The mind apartments which are rented for a small fee
Since you are a minor character
And your views are limited
The puppeteering public watches through your eyes
And we scribble
Transcribe words to your fingertips
You think you are writing
But you are merely possessed by the lonely stalkers of non-adventurism
For you are mundane
Only the thought of disease and likelihood of feeling what it would like to perish brings us joy
So, we inset the coins to bring about change to your anatomy
You are a switch we can throw, and we like you to go away and start a new breath of life
So, we can dance at our success to get you to vomit and contort
We have paid highly to experience more than a view
More than giving words
It’s time to perish and start anew
Reset reboot
You're atomically correct but you are only an android who thinks she is human
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