yin and yang

I am
More than you think
I am the jackal
The jester in sheep’s clothing
I am a hacker of men’s lives
Their thought processes and hopes
You are the defender
The mystic of the cursed
You see fortunes where coins have not fallen
You see treasures upon the shores of mind
I am the conqueror
The shortchange epic
You are the smitten
The peaceful amount of time
Between experiences
I am proud
You are sorrow
I cling like a vine wrapping tendrils about the heart
You are the bed upon which they lie upon
I am the demon haunting
You are the cherished joy
I am servitude
You are grace
We both have our evocations
I am but one moment away
From you
Whispering my name out loud
Into nonexistence
Cherished is the dream state where we both exist as one entity
Knowing what each other has in store keeps us from false identity
I am
You are
Yin yang

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