the beauty in the rose is its thorns for it keeps it humble

I request of you To appreciate beauty The special faucets In every being Without being judgmental A rose is a rose But its thorns are its grandeur It must bare For it is too often plucked with out care To its longevity Be careful of whom you judge To be greater than the rose ForContinue reading “the beauty in the rose is its thorns for it keeps it humble”


I found it curious I’ve put my cards in a big black mesh back and have drawn out 3 cards asking the question what will I dream tonight? the bag is shaken tossed cards shuffled the same three cards guide fork in the road decision 5-14-2014


if the word is good it will leach out there I am a quiet force humming about to emerge I have a strong backing be that they are inside of me making me stronger but I do heed their advice and will wait for the paring of sight to crawl out of me 5/15/2014