The journal begins with a whisper

A study lesson 
In how to
Smell a flower
Yourself  in the beam of light
That shines from the center point
Of its existence
some say this is
Where the stem meets the bud
To others its where the nectar starts to form
It does not matter 
On the precise
Just focus your attention
Until you get lost
Into another world 
Where you are the bee
To the tea
Of a dew laden pot
Of shimmery gold
Quench your thirst
And drink in
Its vapors
Poured just for you 
At this moment
In time
For time stands still
For you alone
Have become one with the flower
And you bloom
And grow within the vicinity
Of its ever bursting bud
Until you become
The rain
Which brought forth
The flower
In your hand

© a, simply a
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