I lost a friend today
as I made my way down the highway
a fragile wing
a spinneret of mahogany and speckled cream
with the hue of a mushroom on the bark of a tree
fluttered in the wind from slowly passing cars 
little, small tufts of soft ear hairs waiting to be heard by the heavens above
the heavens cast in silver gray
holding back the tears
just as I did upon passing
Jasper was the name called out to me
Jasper the guide of the sparrows
the King to the flock of that which I belonged
Unseen to me in flesh but held in heart
now I wondered was it hawk or owl that he had taken for form
to young in his earthly body to have mastered the sail
the peril of vehicles 
that have no soul
unable to read 
cipher their position and motivation
he succumbed to the collision
of holy and none 
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