I told you to be aware
I told you not to stare
I told you not to share
The wealth of your dismay
And now it’s a game you want to play
Play away
You do not know the science
Play away
You do not understand the defiance
Play away
For you can not comprehend
What is about to become
If you diminish the land
The land you walk on
That which you live and prey
The land you hope to be restored in the smallest time of day
The day you fight futility for
The land that guides the way
To freedom
The will to stay
Walking upright
Not crawling below the depths
Of a smog filled world
Full of pest and pestilence
Give me your breath
And I will give you a breather
Give me your breath and you will become a believer
In what has to come to save the land that you have destroyed
That which will become once you are employed
In the army of man and beast
And the hidden creatures too
We will set things right
But you have to hear the word
And hold fast to it like glue
It won’t be easy
And sacrifices will have to be made
It won’t be easy for this is not a game to be played
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