more or less

more or less i know you
if you are human
and have a beating heart
i am within you
for we shared the same beginning
the same start
from the solar system of intellectual prodding
of whom should appear when
i have found solitude in the constellations
i have confidence here
knowing that i am repeating past events
time reoccurrences motioned into play
by the great believers beyond
who traveled here before
man was ever equipped with the knowledge of space and time
when man was only a grunt away from a fracture of assimilation

we are the experienced ones from the place of time begun
your world was just a telescope into what we could find
to occupy our thoughts and past regrets into self sacrifice and circumstance
we retrace our steps
looking to where we went wrong
so many times we find our selves singing the same old song

but you can't hear us now
for the proverbial apple you did eat
you cut us off from the vine
and now we retreat in haste
for the new world is crumbling
and about to explode
back to our planet before we all implode

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