I am from the zodiac
Star constellations
Above and beyond
Yours warps
With imaginations splendor
Conquers of all men and interstellar species
Granted you are that to the post be attitudes in judgement
And judgement galore
Do you defy all aspects of owed them to them all
It’s been a blast seeking missiles of misinterpretation
Misrepresentation of culture and lore
You are out for self respect
Without respite of incurring afflictions
Do you even know
The true meaning of the words equality and just
The phrase reform and conform has twisted itself into the interpretive correlation of your so called wisdom
Where is it written that you are the rulers of the galaxy
No where
But that which you wrote
Where was it conceived that you should be the governing body of a nation
For what is a nation
But that which was proposed by man to rule and exclude one another
We in the broadest sense are one
We should strive for the power of one
Where all are fed and sheltered
Free from harm
Without the backings of armies
Armies destroy what life is left
Armies destroy mentality
Armies are just armed enemies of the people and the earth
For they break ground and wills of survival
Do not that unto others that you would not have thrust upon yourself
If your mind and will has not been corrupted the moment after conception
You were once pure
And holy witnessed into the universe of in balance
The scales of the cooling effect
The sun is the power to be harnessed
We are the properties of adolescent chemical makeup
Be free with your words
Indiscriminate in your posturing
But be true to your self
The whole self of the universe
For am a part of you
Just as you are a part of me
And you’re making our reflections shatter in the distant haze of realty and truth
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