It is time for me to admit I am 35 years old
And I have grown enough to learn about life
What is life and how I fit in
For until now it has been a series of circumstances out of my control
Or so I believed
But now I feel as though
I can shape and mold things other than myself
I can change viewpoints
Change of heart and the soul of ownership
Freedom of expression and free will go hand in hand
I am more than just what is spoken of me
I have a voice
Inside of me
Is a room whose door has been chained and locked
I am going to crawl out that window
And approach the door from the other side
Tug and pull
Until I feel a draft of fresh air
I am ready to breath in
The warmth and cold
As the two worlds collide
I am declaring myself human nonspecific of origin
But free and deserving to be alive and treated with respect
In return I shall treat others with respect and grant
Give in my own way
The chance for them to discover
Who they are
On the other side of their door
Where they have been hidden from view
There are so many doors to knock and unlock
In the world of my mind
But I am going to try to grant them all
Access to the knowledge of the cumulative word
Words that have been spoken for centuries
Words spoken but hidden from mankind
Until they were kind to one another
But perhaps it is time for them to see
What was expected
Hoped for
On the day
Of their creation
Such greater hopes
Had never been sprung from the tenders of this universe
But as our experiment is failing
We may need to intercept a part of the thought process
And give more freedom to open new windows
In order to save all of our lives
Before human kind
Pollutes the rest of the universe
And we all fail to live and thrive
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