35 light years

I am 35 light years away from the beating of your heart
but by soul has traveled to be a part 
of you
for your existence is so pure and divine
I was hoping you would make me thine

soul part disciple of a universe glimpsed
I too have wondered what I have missed
by not traveling to your galaxy and witnessing 
I art a mere mortal who grants you her heart

I come to you now with bended knee
and wonder and hope you will hear my plea
to set things straight
to head the call
of the savior that grants life to all

I will come to hear your words
but won't others find it absurd
that one little pilgrim with a voice so small
speaks of a glory land
that breaks the straw

for if I repent my evil ways
what will become of my lingering daze?
I am weak and humble in your presence
but this command is a penance
for me to speak of days of old
my soul is that of a 10-year-old
who would believe the stories told
when I can even phantom what I behold

you are the king of jest
a jester thrown upon my chest
with a willing eye we see face to face
don't hold me in disgrace

I am but just a wee one who hears your plea
I will sit upon thy bended knee
and listen to your stories and type them down
letting the world think I'm a clown
who is spotted with the faithful crest
duty calls and I wear it upon my chest

what is the word your want me to speak
while I consider my sanity
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