Fan-at -it

I have come to realize,
I am my biggest fan
Waving myself all around
twirling with every step
isn't that how it is supposed to be
grateful for the steps we take
celebrating our own accomplishments
realizing we can be something
do something without regret

taking that first step as a child
lifting myself off the floor
did i not wave my arms about
after i balanced
and when i crawled on all four
was i not just as content 
to increase my speed and agility

i am my biggest fan
happy with the way i clothe myself
as others stare in disbelief
but am comfortable with my outer skin
in its loose folds that feel like kin
for i have worn them long
they feel like skin
so soft are the patches openings
the tell tale signs of fray
mimicked how my hair looks today
and so i will continue to be
the biggest fan of me

even if no one sees me in the corner
hovelled at my desk
I'm the quiet one
and that you say in jest
trying to get me to speak my name out loud
as if you don't think I'm proud
for me self expression is not allowed
in the wayward crowd
for i am tied to my faith of simply being me
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