if you only knew me

if you only knew me before
I bore myself into a hole of despair and disgrace
before I was allowed a human face
I once was a lad unknown 
who called a distant planet home
but I was exiled to a new retreat
undisclosed for defeat
was close at hand
my friends had been defeated by the foes
the forefathers who had bore their names
had gone insane
they began to choke from the soot about
and words of horror from their mouths did spout
I have claimed this day 
one of disdain
for it is the anniversary of the time I was framed
for speaking truth in a world where lies prevailed
to be honest was to be killed when times are scaled
I am a conqueror of silent lingo 
we played it in games of hopscotch and bingo
as the numbers were played out
we spelled the run way route
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