what are you doing?

what are you doing now?
I said with a smile turned upside down
the cavern carved into my brow 
seemed out of place
for my emotion did not match my face

I was talking to the mirror
beginning to ponder
how did this all occur
I did wonder

what haven't you done?
is my life's beginning story 
from day one
judged by what I had not done
the audience exclaimed "do more"
the more I did the more they applauded
I am exhausted 
with all the I ought of

turn down the sheet fold it this way
fold the corner the other way
can't you see how it is supposed to be done
didn't they teach you this on day one

the loops and the hoops I jump each day
have me facing the wrong way
when I wake up in the morning
I'm on the wrong side of the bed
the beam above bumps my head
then I stumble and fall to the floor
crawl with the dog till I'm out the door
and into the kitchen I'm itching to explore
what is for breakfast as it is half past four

why am I up so early you ask?
it is because of this overwhelming task
to get it right I have to study
plan my day so I don't look like a fuddy-duddy

I put a sausage on each of our plates
I look up at the clock and its already a quarter to eight
where did the time go, I hope I'm not too late
I catch the bus with the tip of my shoe
and off to school till quarter past two

I break apart from the mental for half an hour
A stroll down the merry till I park myself in a chair
then I hammer at the keys until dinner is ready for me
I open up the parcel that was waiting at the door
Chicken parmesan is what I have placed the order for

I clean up the mess, the dishes and clothing too
Sounded into my head I go to the end of the bed
check that I folded the corners nice and tight
so I can sleep with the sheet folded just right

but my mom never knew or maybe she did or did not
that I liked to wiggle and not stay in one spot
I prefer my toes not to be confined
to the weight of the linen she thought was divine

so now I sleep on top of the sheet
and I have a duvet with a cover
oh what an exclaim I would hear
if my mother discovered
it is only the dog that pins me down
a dog on the bed would of surely made her frown
and that thought makes giggle and smile
for I did what she taught

we didn't have a dog back in the day
oh, how I have strayed

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