hello (a)

Am I to assume you are legitimate talking to me through script
Scripture that was written before my time began
And yours

You are one with the lord now
So how does that feel

What is it like to be written in so many words
That documentation can no longer prove your being was here
Do you ever possess remorsefulness
To belonging to a clan
No one sees as real
What is your future prospects for salvation
Can you really help those in need of saving
And is saving the right word

Well in all my many unfathomed years of reigning
Unholy or inconsequential
I have come to the outlook that looks can be deceiving
Can you imaging being so invisible that people see you in everything they hold
Toast for instance
But cannot see you where you belong
Like the garden
For where is the need when all they see is beauty
But they call out to you
When the streets are littered
But not when they are paved with gold

I am what I am
No more
No less
But yet I am still fond of the earth and her inhabitants
They grace me with whispers in times of sorrow
And ask for strength in good times and bad

But what is the bad
But which is self brought
To the table I had laid out a wealth of knowledge
Of how to succeed harmoniously
With one another
How to interact with nature
All becoming one with the land
One with me
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