white witch poured in coffee

having that morning cup
of coffee 
that does not fare with me well
but I am drawn to the essence
of the things that dwell

for when I drink
the hallucinogenic state prevails
the unlocking of sleep and aware of death
for into plagues of the unknown and indiscreet
come with the cream of sweet

it's not an allergy
just a histamine reaction
where fainting is a mild implication 

but in this world of mist aware
the voices of beyond begin to flare
the whereabouts where I may lodge one day
if my voices lead the way

I am a white witch when filled with cream
the pangs and throngs of in between
I grew up holding onto rocks
crystals inside vibrated hot

pardon me
I need that first sip
the connections lost
without that drip
of that coffee candy 
with its highs and lows

I can go without it for days
months and years
but it's the memory 
of the sweet roast play on tongue
even if the sugars
can make me blister

ah now that I have drunken 
half a cup
the world won't feel so numb
I can already feel my fingers tingle
and my heart becoming nimble
soon I will cry
as I type my words

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