lesser gods


the lesser gods
no need for caps
we were the lesser gods

we were the ones
that combed man
for understanding
of ourselves
our position
in life

we had no known predecessor
we just appeared
in the valleys
of the minds

we're the after thought
after you have cleaned your chandelier
and thought to yourself
I could have done it better
but wait
until another day
but the day never comes
and so, we hang
smudged crystals
with gleaming bits
to look at
but never fully turned on
for then you would see the dust

yes, we are the lesser gods

the ones at the garage sale
picked over by those
who say
they are not worthy
of our possession
we remain here
crystalized in time
formations of grander
and error of judgement
just waiting for a friend
to lend a ear
and a bit of polish
so we can shine
and tell a tale
of whence
we came

be it a story
so long ago
we forgot
for no one
has asked us to repeat it

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