a walk with thee

it is said "that all who wander are not lost"
as too, those that are still may not be without purpose
you can wither in the cold
as well in the heat
you can fold
like a paper doll in the rain
or you can collapse without a center
the tunnel you walk can be lit or shadowed
it can be cavernous or smooth 
i have crawled in the cavern 
going round and round
ceiling to floor
twirling about moving forward
but never out
nor in
stationary in juxtaposition
i was a light without a flame
but you saw me standing there
and threw me a line to unravel
and i pulled you in 
instead of letting you lead me out
i didn't know how to walk
after crawling on fors 
you showed me how to do
without creating a reason
without needing a purpose

it's just what you do

the innate dictation from so long ago
the suppressed expression of the way to go

no purpose or meaning
the who of the whom

the ants and the bees do it
schools of fish and starlings too
the consensus of the vote without notation
as the world moves on without a huff
about the end of the world
for if you move with the world
the world will move on in harmony and peace
coexistence is peace

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