I can’t live

I can't live without 
another moment with you
in my life
nor death will succumb to idle away the hours
I have spent departed from your being
near me
close at hand
where two lovers can touch more than soul

soul mates we are
but this longing to be connected
by more than time and space
is stretching me to my breaking point
the outer limits of my shell is cracking
with the hourglass churning away
ticking the clock
flecks of gravel
the gavel of time unnoted
goes noted by me
we circle on different circumferences
spinning past each other
hurled by comets whose tails never cross
I'm left at the edge 
wondering if I should evade 
this jet stream propulsion
and hang in endless air
hoping that one day
your trail will cross my path
and draw me in
so I can be within the number
of infinity 
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