as I laid down

as I lay down to sleep 
With the thought of you
against my back
I feel warm and safe
Knowing you are near 

even as I roll away 
Tumbling into the world of dreams
I still can find you
Holding me
Guiding me
As we explore the unknown

The paths we take 
In the town 
Where I was misdirected 
And blocked from crossing certain sectors 
Have been open to me now that you've taken my hand

I am learning so much more about myself 
From a world distinctly different from my waking 
In your realm my perceptions are tested
I am pushed to overcome the Inquisition of who I am and who I can become both here and there

You are still secretive 
And your intent still perplexes me
For I do not know what you are grooming me 
To be or follow

But now that I have seen your face and held your hand 
I wonder if I have been cloaked from you 
Have either of us really seen the other before now

Are we both afraid of being vulnerable
And have we spent all this time just learning what it is like to trust and to believe in something you cannot see or hold
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