I am joy

I am joyful that you have found me 
Horrified that you do not understand, comprehend what I have to offer 
we have come together so many times and yet you pretend not to know me 
I have always been the face in the mirror 
The one you look so closely at that you do not blink 
Why is it that you are so fearful when you can see me 
why do you pretend you cannot hear me
We touch each other on the surface and below 
I cry and you cry with me and you wonder why 

Why are you so afraid of the other you 
Why have you shunned the me like a child in the attic 
Why are you afraid to love yourself 
Why are you afraid to love 
Why are you afraid to trust 
Why are you afraid to admit you do not have the answer to those questions 
Some things you just do 
And it's time to be you 
Love the world so you can feel more than pain
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