i am anger
i am indecision
i am happenstance
i am coaxal
i am in just
i am latitude and circumstance
i am possibility and ignored
i am in serpentine and fluctuation
i am personable and inhospitable
i am one
one is more than a number it is unity with who ever
whomever i chose to be
and whatever i was created to be not
i am one with the universe as a whole
but i have my own role to play
forever misguided in its direction
i cannot hurl myself in anyone direction
     for i run in all
i escape into the unknown while clinging to the past
i am disheartened easily and i cry while i laugh at my mistakes
i take myself to seriously in what i think i can accomplish
for i am just a figure head placed on a body in a matter of time where time is just moments running away from each other and drawing them close 
i am unique in that i possess a language in which i can communicate with my inner self or should that be selves
for i am more than one
we all are
even the igneous rock you hold in your hand
as you think of hurling it 
at me
i feel its presence
i feel its energy and power
to do just
just more than injury
i feel its possessions of atoms similar to mine
i feel it's already a part of me before i am struck
i walk on embers burning with the memories of the past and the souls of the future generations to come
and they come in droves
driven by the will to survive 
to carry on in this escaped we call living
to masquerade as ethereal walkers on earth
i am one with the universe and you
forgive me for my blessings
as i request and grant them to my self 
all my selves
for you are just as much a part of me as is that rock 

you have hurled at my face to knock out my presence
for you felt it too and it brought you so much sorrow
to know, comprehend you were part of the world of living and non
you had to escape the invader of my thought by eliminating me from you
but i will always be here in your heart
unwilling willing you to be wrought with just being humane

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