You are a gentle Giant

you are a gentle giant in a world dwarfed by the heavens
the stars and space sum diameter
i am in awe of your presence here
the grace you have given me in which to govern my own existence
as if i were a child of yours
you grasp my hand in yours and we walk
and we walk along the bare crested space of time unending
i awe in your pretense that i can be something more than human
humane you call it
a sense of being with the world in its purest form
a coexistence with the habitat of all species
no matter how insignificant they have been labeled by man
for the bees and the other insects know
and so does the dolphin, whale and even the kelp
we are all connected
whether by land or sea
the sky covers all
we are all connected in the air we breathe and exhale
what gives you life
gives everything life
pulses from the ground
pulses from the air
pulses from the oceans, ponds, and ripples of raindrops and tears
pulses of life
energy exaggerated in life like form
see it ripple, feel it wave
feel it kiss your cheek
and never knowing where it came from or why
but it is there
traveling like the warmth of the sun cradling your skin
on a cool summers night
when the stars have come out

you say when the starts come out how can I feel the sun
for but what is the sun but not a star
radiant forms pierce and lodge giving you a glow
no cream or manufactured being can lavish upon you
you are continually being blessed from the sky and sea
and where your foot steps trod
but we are being block, we are being shuttered, we are losing our existence
to give you reason to see the beauty of use, the beauty of life, the beauty of awe in the purest form of being
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