i am finally warm
and it is not from the kitty on my lap
or the sweat pants I am wearing
and I took that vitamin B early enough to have had that flush
it is a different warm
the kind you wonder about after sleeping with death
wondering if you are warm because your headed down there
 I am usually cold
and I understand the heavens are really cold unless your are on the planet Mercury
but is Heaven cold
they always say hell is hotter than hot
and if I like it hot does that mean I'm headed that direction
it may be due to poor circulation

 will I land on an asteroid if I travel the implied up
on a icy rock that moves without a path of certainty, easily bumped off course
see how low I think of myself, my asteroid is minute, however it does have a better chance of becoming a meteor and hurl back to earth with out harming anybody,
I would hate to harm anyone on my reentry
oh yes I've already decided I'm coming back
but my greatest fear is that I will fall into the ocean
and never see the sunlight
but if I do make a landing I would like it to be in water and wash up on the shore and be rolled by a crab
before a seagull picks me up and plops me into somebodies drink, I hate to become stained with the red chill of a strawberry margarita
I would like to roll up next to a coconut that takes root so we can share stories and the tree could tell me about the far off land it sees' and I could help aerate the soil about its roots with my rolling about laughing at the palms musings
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