You go slow via

At first I thought the voice said  Yugoslavia
but then it slowed down and repeated
you go slow via interpreting my words
which is great since I was not in the mood to do a research paper on Yugoslavia
nothing against Yugoslavia
but I don't know enough to make a clear interpretation of word sound in my head to keyboard on the subject

my muse is bored with my runaway path

you go slow via you will make the wrong connection and the meaning of my words will be lost and you will walk down the wrong path and may never find your way back home
Come a little closer to the keys to my heart
come a little closer to my words
come a little closer to hearing my breath pair with yours
but still taking the lead
I will find a way for you to inhale
freely among the pleasure seekers interest in scent
that which corrupts the lungs and brings down civilizations
for when one can no longer smell for they have polluted the world
they have sealed their fate
for they have polluted the earth so 
the insects and small creatures
who run the well being of all things granted
means of communication and dissimulation are interrupted
and life as we know it begins to crumble to a point it can't be fixed 
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