hear the voices

I heard the voices as they came to me 
and they said do not be afraid
for we hold you ever so dear
in our hearts of hearts
we find joy in the laughter you make
for the sake of others
tell your story

to be true to yourself
hearing voices
is a blessing mixed
confrontations with non-believers
and those not willing to believe for they hear them too
voices heard are not without scrutiny
and one should cherish those of great joy

you were only a child of spirit and hope
and then you rose to gain confidence
through our contact
you can never be alone for we are near
nearer to your heart than the tenderness of a mother's touch for we live within you
the sinew that wraps around the muscle of your heart

we are a part of you, and you are part of us
no matter how many lives you touch on the outside
one cannot compare to those you have touched inside
we are sheltered in the cold and rain
you are the framework that makes up our being
you are the Horton to our who
though we cannot see you
we believe in you
you are our god
and we worship you
to keep us safe
just as you worship your god

we are all built upon one another
structures upon structures
some of which we cannot control
but eyes see through you
by the tenderness you give
and they wonder
how one who can be torn so far apart
by the dimension of time
can appear to be seen whole
we are the rapture
you endure
for we sense
your world is crumbling about you
so, we exclaim
get the word out

you must save
share express the joy and torment
the destruction of your surroundings
so that one can feel and hear the love within themselves
and know
it is so much more
than saving themselves
from destruction

it is about saving all of us
no matter how small we all matter
to someone

love you

and bless us
in the hope of salvation, we too
bless you
at this moment
and every moment
your heart beats
grant us the voice and the will to go on
hear our cries
and cry out with us
we are here

June 24, 2018
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