getting the laundry done is such an ordeal
that I laugh when a piece of lint floats away in the silence of a mosquito past the corner of my eye
I laugh when my torso goes to and from, up and down
thinking that my wiggle is creating a jiggle in the hips and below
I frown and get down on the stains unaddressed for they have sunk into the permanent press
but I am jovial and consolable as I turn to myself respect
my underwear is clean and dry 
As I fold my knickers against my chest
I wonder what has taken abreast
is it the pillow case that went twirling by
for perchance it was attune from outer space
I bend down once more my hands nearly touching the floor
and I squat
face myself flat smack in front of a toad
and I say "Well hello there, how do you do"

and with a Croak and a cog in his voice "I am very aware of the pollution you have done via the scum that felled from the spinneret of that cigarette, hanging from your mouth."

So immediately I put it out and that was the last day I allowed something to cling to my lips like it was next of kin.

Furthermore, he bellowed from his throat "Why would you smoke and why do you light fire to the forest where the babes play"

I assured him that I was always cautious with the stick that was attached to my lip, but to myself I wonder had I been.
I wandered away with a barrel of cloth he thought such a waste. To have such a large commodity of styles and sizes. Did I really need more than one of each? I still say yes, but I have toned it down in size and frequency in which I clean. So not to get the glare from the toad, who now I know lives down the road in a lovely hovel covered with gravel.
These are the last words he said to me that day.

I have but one covering
and it covers my beneath
I don't understand you humans
in the things that you do. 
Calling it one and number two,
for should we not have one home,
one guardian of land,
and that is a we thing
don't you understand

 we are the same thing placed on this earth
 to govern and sovereign that which has given us birth

for to destroy and employ yourself out of existence
is taking the rest of us with you,
 Do you get the inference?

Now if you may on with your gaieties play
but for some of us, most of us you see
simply living is a way of life

and we take it with a grain
and build it to grow
a meaningful relationship with the ice and the snow

the sun and the moonlit night
are our tethers to earthly delights
so with your houses aglow in a confusing matrix
is a detriment to our resurface indication
is something you need to fix

for when the light goes down so you need to do
get some rest get some sleep
by not doing so, you're digging a cavern too deep
where you mind can't function and its creating destruction
on the inside and outside of you
and our world too

so settle down, stop the mistakes that you make
it is not about achieving greatness
its not out for the take
take only that is needed
only what is to restore
you to optimum potential to equal the score

we are is this race together
and there is no 1 or 2
we all come in first 
or we all come in last
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