Hello again

I'm back with those three little words
I want you
it goes further than that
but that is how it starts
with the want 
once first filled it becomes a need
a self-sustaining need to be alive as one individual
no matter how many encompass that one growth off shoot from life
living is in the heart, mind, soul and spirit
sometimes they travel alone or with another
but each is free to go about gathering information, influences and direction
but they come together for decision
bringing trailers of indecisiveness 
for no one is greater than the other
we pack so much into our lives that we forget what suitcase has been left untouched for too long
sometimes we hide them in the back of the closet never coming to accepting them or opening them up for discussion or decision
but left unattended it weighs us down and our mule cannot carry it any further
so, we stop, and we bray, and we carry on as if it were the day
the camel broke its back
once opened and sorted we can toss that which is irrelevant
till it fits into a small parcel we can carry on our back
little trinkets to fill a memory jar, little words to be spoken again,
little sounds to comfort us when we sleep

and little souls garden from what we keep
for those that are endearing 
are truthful and steeped
in understanding and compassion should be at the top of the heap
and to the top of the heap, I will climb
and I will exclaim 
what is yours is mine 
and mine is yours
we are littered with what we have endured
through good times and bad times knowledge has formed
been recycled into another form

but let me express in my sincerest dismay
what I bring to you today 
was brought last may
and may you be free to choose
but don't forget
or stop 
to climb to the top of the hill
and look upon what others have gathered and shared
with free will
so, to you I might be a speck of dust
but I promise you
I need you
I want you to hear me now
and make your elders proud
to know you listened to the sound of their voice
and took heed of the notice
to carry forth
in resurrecting the world from deceiving

it can be restored
by only one voice
if it is placed in more than one heart 

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