I was hiding
In the light of day
Standing out
In the dark of night
But you did not see me

Before you face
Another moment of truth
Ask me
How I became invisible
And my reply will be
By being obvious
Obliviously obvious

As the nose on your face
The white of your eyes
How closely you stared
Stared at the blue
Spectrum of light

There was no light
For you
Are the veins
The meandering scripts
About your face

Ruminating fingertips
Over parchment skin
Twisting and pawing
As a wild animal intent
On devouring his own flesh

To the question
Where is it written
Who I am to become?
If I cannot feel the Braille
Of whom I have been

Flesh holds
Oh, so many answers
But not for what you ask of it

Ask me
To tell you a story
By asking your self
Where have I been?

April 2014
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