om poem

I am
With you always
In the tender harvest of your heart
I am
Beneath you
Tending the gardens
Where you walk
I am here
I am here speaking to you
In the silent troughs of morning
Before the daylight breaks windows
I am here
Holding your hand
Before the warmth of the cup penetrates your skin
I am here
In the glossy glaze covering your eyes
I am here
Yet you do not see me
Hear me knocking against your frame
Of reference
I am here always to love you when you are afraid of being alone
I am here please whisper back that you are here too in the unknown
Where reality meets the un
I am
We are
Here to converse in the perceptual display of the unknown
To congregate among the living and non
Did you feel that
Energy surge
And release
Your fingers going numb
Tingling with the flesh wounds of the inner circle
You to the honing of the om land

Om original equipment manufacturer

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