conversing with angels’

I have found you in my heart
I kiss the lips we share
I stir the emotions tender
I cross the paths you bear with obstacles
So that you may listen
For guidance
To the path of devotion there are many tribulations
I am a guide
But not your weakness
I cannot force you to turn around when you have lost your bearings
I will walk with you
Crawl through hardships
And technical difficulties
But you remain human
Simply human
In the eyes of the divine
These are good qualities to have and hold
Seeking of truth
From your heart not that just from head
No authority holds the ultimate experience
For you are only pawns in each other's lives
Try not to step upon those blocking your path for they too have a life to lead
Go around them in spiritual cleansing
Follow the light of the third eye
Walk not on bended knee
Stand tall and full of grace
For I have made you proud
Proud to be a part of me
And so, I ask of you to walk with me
Not below or above me
But as though you were already by my side
Extending out a hand
Reaching out for another
As we make our way across
This processional

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