hello (c)

Hear me out
I have begun to see you as real
A being without possession
A being without face
But what I haven’t fathomed is space

How do you hold me in your arms
When I cannot breathe you into existence
Where were you when I fell and felt alone and undecided on my purpose
My place,
Is my existence here relevant to the circling of the globe
Am I more than body weight
Can I count on you to be there , when I need a friend
And I feel so alone
I can not hear the words of others around me
Or feel touch when they hold me in their arms
When do they unbecome strangers when I am a stranger unto myself

When will the grieving stop , from my birth I felt disappointment. A non appendage to my being
here on this earth.
When will I be free from being me
Can I be
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